Aerospace and Defence South Africa

Aerospace and Defence are one of the first places where the new technologies are implemented, be it Electronics, Materials or even Information Technology. It is generally said that what technology is being used by defence today takes about 20 years for it to come into the commercial world and be viable.  Big data, mobility, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is not very new for Aviation and Defense  Industry and has been there since long.

KKE Soteco has solutions for various problems of this Industry. Some solutions are :

-    Parts Management : Different aircraft manufacturers have different platforms for managing the same. An organization with multiple aircrafts from various manufacturers, managing the parts becomes a tedious process and always leads to confusion and duplication of work. KKE has a solution for the same. Procurement, Planning , Stock Management at multiple locations is possible by using KKE Manage ERP software module which is customized to cater to The Aviation industry.

-    Life Management : Some Parts which are put to service in defence and aviation have time specific or flying hours specific lifetime, Management of such parts is critical to safety and security. In non-life critical applications, it means that the parts need to be replaced, repaired at the right time to keep it ready at the time of some eventuality. KKE Manage has such solutions which calculates the balance life and alerts when a part has to be replaced. It alerts and if you so desire it can order parts for you too.

-    CRM Solutions : KKE Manage integrates with KKE CRM and effortlessly brings the benefit of ease of handling customers through the cloud. Customer requests and complaints can be easily managed by KKE CRM and is one of the most popular industry solutions.

KKE Soteco is Technology company and has experience is Hardware and Software integration and is expert in development of customized solutions for the Aviation and Defence industry.

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