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Small Business ERP United States of America

Handling a Small Business is very challenging due limitations of man power, limitation of resources.

Organisation without an Enterprise Resource Planning Software either requires a lot of paper work or it is almost towards turn into entire chaos. Setting up management systems is difficult in such scenarios. Traditional ERPs would have elaborate procedures and expenses to setup all the required hardware and resources. At times, we have seen the bids to even higher than organization’s half yearly turnover.

KKE Manage ERP software is cloud based ERP software which is very light on your pocket because :

  • You do not require high end hardware to run your ERP software
  • You do not need to purchase Server editions of Operating System, Database Server etc.
  • Extensive training is not required as the menus and actions in KKE Manage ERP are very user friendly and intuitive.
  • You do not need to hire IT team to maintain various functions of the ERP.

Because of the above reasons, KKE Manage is very economical and does not cost a fortune even if there is customization to certain extent.

KKE Manage ERP has the following modules :

Custom modules can be built as per client’s requirement and the law of the land. KKE Manage ERP also integrates CRM with it which is a necessity for Small Business ERP required by small business owners.

United States of America