Project Management Nigeria

Project Management is a difficult task and has various processes which are very different than the traditional manufacturing setup. Project Management activities are more similar to Job Type Production, where very few number of items are being made and are high value items where lot of parts assemble to make one final product. There are instance where such products may be made only once in entire life time.

Examples of such items are :

  • Ships
  • Aircrafts
  • Special Purpose Machine Manufacturing

Enterprise Resource Planning Software in Project Management or Job Type Production environment changes from the normal production process ERPs. Managing :

  • Production Schedule
  • Cost Management
  • Material Management
  • Procurement
  • Bill of Material Management
  • Design Control
  • Quality Control
  • In process Inspection

are something which are not very extensively covered in traditional ERP software. KKE Manage basically originates from such production scenarios where each car wash equipment manufactured by the KKE Factory ( is different. KKE Manage ERP software has been in use since last one decade in such project management ERP areas.

Production Time Scheduling includes getting the project charts to analyse project status and various statuses of the various sub jobcards.

Cost management is accounted for by the amount of material already been used by the project along with optional man power utilization. The daily production scheduling along with man power helps to adequately optimise man power.

Material Management – Being job type production scenario, the ERP software needs to make informative reports for various materials beinf used. Job Type production scenarios may have to deal sometimes with more than 100000 parts. Managing these many parts requires an efficient software like KKE Manage ERP.

Procurement is another big area when one needs to manage procurement of such a huge number 100000 parts. KKE Manage streamlines the process for the creation of Purchase Orders, giving options to quickly create Purchase Orders to the supplier with whom it was ordered the last time. Such small automated processes drastically reduce the time taken by your employees and increase their output significantly.

- Bill of Material is a mandatory document for job type / project type manufacturing. Also since the projects are big in size and costs, the design work goes on in stages. KKE Manage ERP accepts Bill of material in stages and simultaneously creates work orders for the shop floor people. It is for the supervisor / project planning team to decide, when to schedule the work order.

Design and Development can also be handled by KKE Manage ERP along with strong revision controls.

Quality Control – This module is integrated with the production module which integrates on per job card / work order for assuring the quality of the items being manufactured.


KKE Manage is an ERP software built on the guidelines of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.