Customer Relationship Management Nigeria

In today’s world there are very few things left which do not have competition. For increasing the amount of sale it is very important to understand the customer, sell to a customer and then to retain a customer.

KKE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps to maintain your customer records, customer correspondence, customer requirements, important customer dates, all the information you would require to keep the customer happy and always remain with you.

KKE CRM, using the pervious trend and statistics helps you to target the right products to the right segment of your customers. The reports of your sales customer-wise, region-wise, your profits help you see which products perform better and with which customers. So, when a customer calls you don’t need to ask all the information, you already know what your customer requires and specifications either from the previous orders or from the quality of goods required, etc.

KKE CRM can be customized depending upon the product, service line of our customers. The requirements change and hence we build up on a basic module to fit the exact requirements of our customers. The basic module however has the following :

  • Customer History
  • Customer Support
  • Product & Service Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Centralised Email System
  • Activity / Task System
  • File management
  • Customer File management
  • Mass Mailing System
  • Multiple User System
  • Access Control by Role / Region / Team
  • Customer login Area
  • Dealer Login Area
  • Mobile Access
  • Cloud Hosted Service

With the above features you can effectively manage your sales force. Since KKE CRM is an hardware independent software, users with adequate privileges can access the data from any where.

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