Customer Support CRM Global

Keep your customers happy and satisfied with KKE CRM Software. KKE has developed specific modules to handle the after sales support, service aspects of a business.

As a business owner / manager, you very well understand that the future business depends upon the customer experiences with your organisation. Nothing is flawless, however, customers are okay with if their complaints are sorted promptly. KKE CRM Support Service modules are built around this aspect of the business. Manage your customer complaints and close them promptly.

Each organisation has different needs and the Customer Service CRM modules can be modified as per your requirements. The implementation can be in Sugar CRM or propreitory KKE built CRM.

Some of the features of Customer Service Support CRM are :

  • Customer management
  • Complaint Management
  • Ticket System
  • Case Escalation
  • FAQ / Knowledge Base Management
  • Call Center Integration


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