E - Commerce Global

In a simple definition, E - Commerce or Electronic Commerce means Buying , Selling , movement of Goods, Information using the Electronic media. This simple process has today transformed the entire world. It is estimated that E Commerce is growing at the rate of almost 30% per year. More and more number of businesses are now coming to the Internet to present their products, sell them online as compared to just one year back.

With such an increase in the number and the rate of growth to be ever increasing you need to make the right decisions at the right time. A small mistake of choosing the wrong platform can set you behind from competition by almost 6 months to an year.

Marketing Strategy : E - commerce being primarily being used to by sellers to sell their products / services, need to be in sync with the marketing strategy of the organisation. KKE plans the web development as per your marketing strategy or can even suggest you the marketing strategy after conducting surveys or out of previous experiences.

SEO : SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can be the next most important step in E Commerce. Once your website / mobile app is developed, you need your customers to come to your webite or use your application. Buying the Adwords Campaigns is the simplest thing to do but the results are short lived. You need permanent Site rankings to get enough traffic on your website to get enough sales.

E Commerce development is a complex process and KKE has solutions for implementing E Commerce projects. KKE can develop an independent platform for you or use existing software like Magento, Prestashop to setup your e commerce venture.

Please feel free to discuss your business plan.