Industrial Manufacturing India

Cost reduction, lead time reduction, Rejection minimization and some more like this have been perennial points of discussion for the Managers in the Manufacturing Area. KKE Soteco Manufacturing ERP synchronizes various aspects of the Manufacturing to stream line the manufacturing process and the processes related to Manufacturing.

KKE Soteco software benefits from the various automated processes which the cutting edge software from KKE does, reducing various time consuming processes which are most susceptible to human errors and causing confusion and errors are later stage.

KKE has expertise in Job Production, Batch Production and Line production environments and the experienced teams from KKE offer a solution after studying various processes at your end. KKE Soteco Manufacturing software follows basic ISO 9001 procedure as the basis of design as it is the most widely accepted management standard.

In today's market scenario, KKE software also helps in organisation being agile reducing the lag in the new developments and changes in products,helps in interpreting the change in demands using the integrated CRM module and business analytics.

Purchase Management is a very powerful tool which KKE offers along with multi location Inventory control. Supplier Management, Deliveries, Quality Inspections .... all seamlessly handled by KKE Manufacturing Software - KKE Manage.

KKE has ready made modules for quick deployment, contact us for discussing your requirements.