KKE Soteco is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Quality and Perfection Hong Kong

We at KKE Soteco beleive that quality has to be brought into the culture of the organisation to bring out perfection in the work that is done. Purpose of the applications built is to simplify the work. Ease of use of any software or application is of greatest importance. We at KKE have processes set to ensure that the applications we Build are easy to use and intutive.

Quality Policy

Customer is the sole purpose for which KKE Soteco Pvt.Ltd. exists with the unique mission to deliver the best to meet his expectations in the field of software and technology.

The policy of the company is to help achieve Clients’ goals and targets through effective consultation and implementation of KKE products and services.

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Hong Kong