Product Lifecycle Management United Kingdom

KKE Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is based on the KKE Manage platform and can be installed on the existing KKE Manage installation. KKE PLM helps in documenting various processes involved in the development of a product.

KKE PLM also help you comply with various Management Standards like ISO 9001 (Clause Number 7.3 ).

KKE PLM though a solid documentation system, however it gives you the flexibility to organise your design development stages and data.

  • Get feedback from Production, Service team, Customers directly in the PLM for further improvements of products
  • Reduce Production itegration time for new products
  • Increased Procurement efficiencies

Since Product Development data are highly confidential, KKE PLM has strict access control which allows users to access project details only when the Development head signs in.

United Kingdom