Mobile ERP Software – Why ? Canada

Its a proven thing that only companies with progressive managements wish to implement ERP in their organisation. These days the competition has become tougher and tougher and competitors are finding newer ways to approach customers, providing discounts to get more business share. In such a situation, if an organisation has to succeed, it needs to streamline its processes, reduce losses and increase its efficiency.

This is where ERP comes into picture which helps in maintaining the system laid down by the Management of the company. Earlier days, when ERP itself was a step further, having offline data was accepted but today, with the advent of widespread mobile internet, organisations are leveraging themselves by having accessibility while being outside.

Mobility of data, in today’s scenario is very important. To give you an example, a sales representative while being at client’s location, takes out his tablet and enters the order. On the spot he checks the stock levels at various warehouses of the organisation and informs the client across the table. Say 2 items can be delivered by tomorrow and 1 item would take a week to be delivered. Sitting there itself, he sends a quote to teh client by return email confirms the order. How easy this seems to be now? In a traditional office scenario, the sales representative would say – “I would go to the office, check the stock as let you know. ” This would take a day to confirm the stock. By this time the client has enough time to change his mind.This is how mobility improved the sales efficiency and in the same way it improves organisational efficiencies at each level.

Another scenario, due a sudden urgent order, the system suspects a stock condition and an alert is sent to the purchase officer. Even though the purchase officer was out of office, he created the purchase order and asked his superior to approve the Purchase order. Even though the superior was on a half day leave to visit his doctor, he approved the purchase order sitting in the waiting room of the doctor. Same, in a normal scenario there was no way this could have done the same day.

Mobile ERP Software

KKE Manage is a web based Mobile ERP Software system which can accessed over Internet from a tablet, mobile phone or a computer. Mobility just like its a boon, its a bane too. See how KKE Manage provides data security and why data security is important ?