Cloud ERP Australia

These days when we go to our customers we hear other companies using “Cloud” being used interchangeably with the ERP being hosted online. Though for a small business setup it would not mean much difference but for medium scale business, it means a lot.

Okay, so what is cloud ?
Cloud is basically an operating system which utilises the resources on many other computers / servers. Traditionally incase of standard server installation, you need to either upgrade your hardware or change your server when you overrun the capacity of that particular server. This means downtime, risk of data corruption etc. This is where Cloud computing comes in. When your hardware resources become less, you can just add another server instance for any particular hardware requirement. Be it processor, memory, storage space. The best part, its all automatic, the operating system manages it all.

Cloud and the ERP
Once the ERP is implemented in your organisation, it becomes the backbone of your organisation. ERP being down even for few hours would mean, hundreds of your employees sitting idea. When you upgrade your servers, your ERP can be down from few hours to few days depending upon the size of the data. This would mean a complete paralysis of your organisation during this period. Cloud ERP helps here because as soon as your run out of some hardware capacity, you can add another instance and the best of all , it is scalable.

KKE Manage ERP can be installed on Public, Local or Hybrid Clouds. It can also be installed on standard servers.