CRM Software Price Canada

Web based CRM Price depends upon various factors. Plain vanilla instances are very economical, some are even free. KKE Soteco offers a free version of cloud CRM at .

The web based CRM price would largely depend upon the number of modules required by a customer and customisations required in the CRM software. Web based CRMs provide the benefit of KKE team being in the office rather being on premise which increases the project cost.

A normal CRM would have a Lead, Opportunity , Customer Management and other small management modules. Only these basic modules hardly serve the organisational requirements. For a CRM software to be successfully implemented, it needs to be customised to the smallest organisational process.

CRM prices may range from as low at $6 -10 per user per month to as high upto $100 per user month along with customisation cost which depends upon the extent of customisation.