Online Sales CRM Canada

KKE Soteco is an ISO 9001 certified company with strong experience in CRM software. KKE Soteco is working in this field since 1999 and served more than 9000 customers for variety of products.

We at KKE Soteco provide you effective solutions for Online Sales CRM which shall guide your organisation to high revenue earning business. The KKE CRM which is an Online Sales CRM helps you connect with your customers helping you log each and every activity with the customer, schedule sales related tasks, log emails etc. KKE CRM is also comes handy when you wish to retrieve any data related to a customer in just a few clicks on the CRM software.

KKE CRM is a multi user Online CRM solution. KKE helps you configure the CRM software as per your needs and even customise it so that it fits your needs perfectly.

CRM plays an important role is Sales. CRM helps you be closer to the customer by using technology to your benefit.

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