CRM Software Comparison Canada

First, the decision to use a CRM software and then a selecting the right CRM for your requirements. This requires a proper CRM Software Comparison before selection.

CRM Software Comparison depends upon the type of activity which you are planning to accomplish using CRM software and also the budget allocated for the CRM software implementation.

CRM are primarily of two types :
1. On Premise
2. Cloud

On Premise CRM software can be installed at client location or Clients private server. Cloud CRM is where the CRM is installed as a service and the service provider like KKE charges on per user basis.

Apart from this, today, customers comparing CRM products have following choices.
  1. KKE CRM - Cloud CRM
  2. KKE On Premise CRM (Private Cloud)
  3. Salesforce
  4. Microsoft Dynamics
  5. Sugar CRM
  6. Suite CRM