Web Based CRM Software Canada

KKE Soteco, We are experts in Web Based CRM Software as it gives host of advantages and benefits. Web Based CRM Software is the most preffered software these days and more and more organisations are shifting to Web Based CRM Software.

The advantages of Web Based CRM Software are as under :

  • Platform Independence : Web based CRM software can run on any computer which has web connectivity and can connect to Internet. The software need not have different software for different Operating systems. If the computer has a web browser, you are ready to go.
  • Hardware : You do not need to have high end computers to run your software. Since all the computing is done on the server, your computer is merely a display unit. You can even use your old computers for running the CRM software. So save on Hardware cost.
  • Accesibility : In a much dynamic market like today, sales people actions can hardly be limited to the office premises. With web based CRM software, the sales person can access and update the CRM software on the go using his laptop, Tab or even his/her mobile phone.
  • Updates : Updating a Web Based / Cloud based CRM software is easy as it only has to be updated on the server and does not require much time for changing the software on each and every computer.
  • Maintenance Cost : For large organisations, you need not have on site software maintenance people as the software engineers can be located offshore in their office while they work on your software.

Due to such benefits, Web Based CRM Software is the next change in the CRM market.