ISO 9001 ERP, ISO 9001 Canada

KKE Soteco provides the best ERP software  to manage your organisation with the guidelines of ISO 9001 Quality Management standard. The ERP system adapts easily to requirements of any organisation which is ISO 9001 certified .

ISO ERP : ISO 9001 ERP : ERP ISO 9001

An organisation which intends to get itself ISO 9001 certified should implement KKE Manage ERP Software.

KKE Manage ISO ERP software also helps to accomplish various reports and records required by the ISO 9001 Standard.

KKE Manage ERP deals with following clauses very effectively :

  • 6 Resource management
  • 6.1 Provision of resources
  • 6.2 Human resources
  • 6.3 Infrastructure
  • 6.4 Work environment
  • 7 Product realization
  • 7.1 Planning of product realization
  • 7.2 Customer-related processes
  • 7.3 Design and development
  • 7.4 Purchasing
  • 7.5 Production and service provision
  • 7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment
  • 8 Measurement, analysis and improvement
  • 8.2 Monitoring and measurement
  • 8.3 Control of nonconforming product
  • 8.4 Analysis of data
  • 8.5 Improvement

KKE Manage works with ISO consultants for implementation of ERP along with certification of ISO 9001 of the organisation. Since the basic frame work of KKE Manage ERP is ISO 9001 , it gets installed and implemented seamlessly.

ISO 9001 is one of the best management standard and so far has been revised twice in 2000 and 2008. The primary focus of the system still remains the “Customer”. All processes revolve around the Customer. In today’s world, customers need to handled very carefully to gain customer satisfaction. KKE ISO ERP helps in streamlining the process and ultimately helping to achieve customer satification.

Automate mundane tasks required by the ISO 9001 standard by using the KKE Manage ISO ERP.

Documentation, revision control are very effectively handled by KKE Manage ISO ERP.

KKE Manage ISO ERP is an effective way of managing ISO 9001 documentation and processes.