ERP Canada

Business operations being complex require a number of systems to perform efficiently and simultaneously. An ERP: Enterprise Resource planning software is a perfect solution to reduce the complexity of the existing systems and make it easier to manage the information. The KKE Manage: ERP software is designed to make the business operations paperless and also keep the business information online and secure.  KKE Manage: ERP  has been made intuitive, such that the work flow process takes place in a screen format from person to person for changes, approvals and execution. KKE Manage: ERP enables easy coexistence and application integration with other solutions like CRM and Warehouse Management software designed by KKE.

KKE Manage: Enterprise Resource Planning software ( ERP ) has a number of modules designed for data capture, data transaction validation, its analysis, accounting and reporting. All these functions available in KKE Manage : ERP solution come hand in hand with features like security authorisation, referring responsibility and business rule implementation. These features ensure highest level of information and data integrity.

All business processes in an organisation run through rules and responsibility allocation. An ERP system strict adherence to them creates a controlled environment. KKE Manage enterprise resource planning solution provides a facility to ensure the user-location (Department and Division) through validation before proceeding to any ERP applications or transactions.

The  KKE Manage ERP  software also provides a variety of technology supports like E-mails, Mobile phone for communication of memos, reminders and other information. Our enterprise resource planning software can transact directly with vendors, customers in your customisable format as stipulated.
Enterprise resource planning applications provide an intelligent support in business management. It allows user to define the events, alerts and schedule them at his choice. All these features are present in KKE Manage ERP system with easy application integration and implementation.