ERP implementation Canada

ERP implementation is a major management decision for any company. Rather than a management decision, it is a strategic decision. It involves lot of changes in the day to day operations of the company.

A general deployment strategy is as follows but it may differ from company to company and industry to industry.


  1. ERP Implementation (ERPI) team : A team of two to three people from client side having knowledge of all business processes and management processes. In an ISO 9001 certified organisation it is recommended to have MR as the team head.
  2. Management System Study : KKE info media team and ERPI Team jointly study of complete client processes and procedures which are currently followed.
  3. Recommendations : Based on the System study a report is submited to client with recommendations.
  4. System Design : A system design is made and submited to the client with form structures and processes
  5. Modifications of Existing Modules/ Re programming : All the inputs go to the project team who at the back end create applications as per requiremnts
  6. Testing : The applications are then tested with dummy data and usability is checked with the actual users in the organisation. The ERPI works closely with KKEIM team to accomplish this implementation process.
  7. Modfications : Modifications which are felt during testing are completed.
  8. Data uploading : The electronic data which is already present is uploaded in the Master data records for future reference.
  9. Implementation and Training : The ERP is implemented across the organisation and training is provided to each and every user as per his / her role center.