Business Processes : ERP Canada

Business processes are executed through a variety of decisions required at each step of planning, organising, staffing, directing, coordinating and controlling. An ERP system can be well designed for an organisation if the management can list the required decisions for every process. For eg. Decisions related to strategies, resources, methods would be some required inputs for planning of the business processes and hence become an important part of the ERP solution. The objective of the software solutions like KKE Manage: ERP is to provide information for the decision support in process of management.
KKE Manage has been designed with intricate study of business processes involved in management, operations and other support systems. It has been structured to increase accountability in processes like Personnel Management, Financial Management and Production Management etc. and also track and report transactions between these functional units.

KKE Manage integrates a number of business processes:

  1. Business System Management
  2. Customer Relationship or Sales Management
  3. Production Management
  4. Stores Management
  5. Finance Management
  6. Human Resource Management

Our ERP solution has Modular structure with the above business processes integrated with KKE Manage. KKE Manage: ERP is a very adaptable system for a number of applications due to its scope for seamless integration of modules. The software modules for all the business processes are remotely installed and remain online for all the authorised users allowing a controlled access, anywhere and anytime.
Enterprise resources planning software eliminates the delays in business processes arising out of queuing and hold up due to the absence of the decision maker, the time taken for signatures and counter signatures. Also due to online management of data using KKE Manage: ERP, the time spent in filing and updating the records. ERP software improves efficiency of an organisation and makes business processes simple and quicker.