Business Process Automation Solutions Canada

Business Process Automation is one of the key ways to reduce the time and money involved in a particular business process. Mostly such processes are of high priority nature. There can be low priority business processes which can also be helpful in reduction in costs and time involved. Business Processes need to be automated for following reasons:

  1. No existing system available to handle the business process
  2. System available, but does not effectively address the business process requirement.

When there is no existing system in place to handle a particular Business Process and the organisation wants to implement a solution, it is easier to implement this system for a particular department or a small process. This saves on the time involved in the implementation as the number is much smaller when compared to the total number of users if an ERP solution was considered. Secondly, the time required for training is significantly reduced and thirdly, since it may be small number users, the users can be called for a short training if they are spread out in vast geographical regions. When a whole ERP software is available for the organisation, clients may still opt for a separate business process solution which can interact with the original ERP through Application Program Interface. Using such previous data increases the accuracy of the business intelligence and Management information systems. This helps in accurately predicting the trends of various parameters. Business Process Solutions can be for the following business processes :

  1. Sales : Customer Relationship Management . Often traditional ERP software do not include full-fledged CRM packages, thus missing out on key planning and management data. External CRM package like KKE Manage can cover all the missing links in multi – level customer management, dealer management and communication, customer communication etc.
  2. Procurement : Procurement Planning and Procurement Management. Purchase management is key effective material management in an organisation. Ordering too large quantities or too small quantities beyond or below Economic Ordering Quantity can lead to financial strain due to high inventory accumulation or stock out which affects the smooth production.
  3. Warehouse Management : Multi location warehouse management . Managing multi location inventories can be tedious job. Though there might be ERP software implemented which might manage multi-location stock values , however, external business process solution like KKE Manage effectively handles and uses the data of various locations in a smart manner to take better management decisions.